Arby’s Heading Back to Midtown….Maybe?


To the many Arby’s fans that had cried when the one and only Arby’s in the city closed, happy birthday! Few months ago I had noticed construction work had started in the old Pinnacle Bagel & Deli space (3rd btw 46+47th), which prompted me to start daydreaming about what sort of deliciousness will take over that space. Well thanks to lunch’er Larry B, we finally know what’s taking over the space, Arby’s and Nathan’s!! (Really?! Ugh!)

Or is it…? See what I saw instead only after few hours that photo was taken.


Nothing. Someone had ripped the piece of paper off the window. Were we not suppose to know an Arby’s was moving in yet? I went to their job site that was printed on the piece of paper and did a quick search for jobs in New York. There were 3 openings but none of them were for NYC.

This is making me sad just thinking about it but knowing me I’ll probably visit it few times (I can’t say no to cheese spread and awesome looking sauce bar).


  • Dear Arbys,
    Pick a better location. Thanks!

    Long time fan,

    -Midtown Eater

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    Yo, FYI, you guys: Arbys sucks. I’d rather they just put in a stupid frozen yogurt shop or something. Let’s raise the bar, you guys. Schnitzel & Things is next door. They gotta try harder. We deserve better.

    • It’s amusing fast food, much like White Castle or Chik-Fil-A. I suspect many are like me: I know it’s not very good, or good for me, but it’s cheap, it’s a bit different than other fast food, and there’s a tweak that makes it even more interesting – like, say, a sauce bar (yum Horsey Sauce!), and a wiz-like cheese that has all the necessary ingredients of a good drug.

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        Dave, you are a genius. That’s the perfect combination for the spot. The closest White Castle is across town and Chik Fil A is downtown.

  • Hey, combo over rice–you know who REALLY sucks?? YOU DO! Arby’s f’ing rules Combo over rice! How bout I dump a combo over rice on top of your stupid head! Horsey Sauce is mythically amazing, as are their seasoned fries! And how can you comp[lain about their 5 for 5 deal! 5 delicious roast mystery meat sandwiches and cheddar! I’d wait on line with blood pouring out of my ear for that sh*t! I’m not only gonna dump a combo of rice over your head, I’m going to shower you in pee! Freakin’ combo over rice and his blasphemy…..for shame!

  • There’s Arby’s in Queens. I don’t eat it very often and it’s mad far out – Fresh Meadows and Middle Village.

  • When I was a teenager, I ate Arby’s at least 3 times a week. Always the same order: Beef N’ Cheddar, potato cakes and a Jamocha shake. Cut to 30 years later, pulled into an Arby’s in Boca Raton out of nostalgia. Ordered the exact same meal and couldn’t get past the first bite. That combo of pressed “beef”, sickly sweet sauce and neon orange “cheese” was simply putrid. It made me sad.

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    I spoke with the building owners a while back and was told the space was leased by the people from Delmonico’s on 59th street. unless they bought a franchise of Nathans/Arbys?? I assumed it was going to be a deli.

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