ML Forums: Want a Rubber Glove With Your Street Meat

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  • Is the Schnitzel & Things Truck following Korilla’s lead? [Midtown Eating]
  • “Disgusting Biryani Cart Experience” is an understatement [Midtown Eating]
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  • The guy’s profile was made same day as the complaint. Sorry, I just don’t trust that crap.

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    Yes, though I’ve been reading midtownlunch for years, I’ve never felt compelled to post, so I never signed up. This little event was enough to convince me to do it. I almost signed up for Yelp just to post there too, but I never got around to it.

    I’ve been working and eating in the area for 10 years now, long before the Biryani Cart even existed. I have no motive other than to register my disgust at finding THAT in my lunch.

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