Chicken Jerky Gets Me To Finally Notice the Hot Soup Carts

I really enjoy soup but usually avoid it for lunch for fear of major mid-afternoon munchies. The exception to this rule would be homey and delicious Asian noodle soups, but I’m sure that’s no surprise to regular readers of this blog — we tend to be partial to the Asian goodies. Anyway, a month or two ago, I noticed that the Hot Soup cart had returned the northeast corner of 45th street and 6th avenue for the winter season. Soup carts are usually invisible to me, because of my previously stated aversion to cup-of-soup lunches, but the unusually long line caught my eye. I checked in recently and couldn’t resist trying the interesting (or maybe just weird) sounding “chicken jerky” soup listed on the menu.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from chicken jerky soup, and the flashes of smoky beef jerky in my head certainly didn’t help. I was surprised that the soup had a slightly creamy consistency with flecks of spices visible in the broth. Filled with rice, the soup included chunks of red and green peppers, onions, carrots but very small pieces of chicken and not much of it. (Absolute points off for the chicken.) The 12 oz soup is $4.50 and came with half (??) a poppy seed a roll. Friends, be very careful removing the top from the soup cups: mine was filled up to the very top, and I nearly ended up with scalding soup all over the place.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I enjoyed it as much as my fellow ML’ers enjoyed the downtown Hot Soup cart in the past, but with all the rice and veggie chunks swimming around in the creamy liquid and a half roll to sop it all up, this was a pretty filling and tasty soup. Strange name aside, I might need to make a return trip this winter to see what else is on tap.

Hot Soup Cart, NE corner of 45th street and 6th avenue


  • OK, but what did it taste like? Is it really like a jerky flavor? Or more like jamaican jerk chicken in soup form?

    IMO, those soup stands are pretty good. The italian wedding & tomato bisque (creamy tomato) are filling & tastey. BUT, I’m not really a soup person in general. So my cravings are rare.

  • I’ve been getting that exclusively from my Hot Soup guy (49th between 6th/7th) for a few years. I think we’d decided all the guys manning these carts got their soup from the same place, but my chicken jerky looks a lot creamier than this.

    As Username figured, it’s “jerk chicken” soup (with a poor name), which is to say it’s spicy in a rather nondescript way, and occasionally you’ll run into a chunk of chicken. Fairly filling, too, especially as I get a whole (plain) roll with it at my cart, too.

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