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Hot Soup Cart is Back… with Higher Prices

Like so many seasonal pleasures, the Hot Soup Carts are back… or at least the one on 45th and 5th… is back in Midtown (are there more, or is this the same one moving around?). I’ve noticed the mixed reviews from both contributors and Lunchers about Hot Soup, I had the opportunity to taste a few of the soups this week.

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Chicken Jerky Gets Me To Finally Notice the Hot Soup Carts

I really enjoy soup but usually avoid it for lunch for fear of major mid-afternoon munchies. The exception to this rule would be homey and delicious Asian noodle soups, but I’m sure that’s no surprise to regular readers of this blog — we tend to be partial to the Asian goodies. Anyway, a month or two ago, I noticed that the Hot Soup cart had returned the northeast corner of 45th street and 6th avenue for the winter season. Soup carts are usually invisible to me, because of my previously stated aversion to cup-of-soup lunches, but the unusually long line caught my eye. I checked in recently and couldn’t resist trying the interesting (or maybe just weird) sounding “chicken jerky” soup listed on the menu.

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At Lunch Now: Hot Soup Carts Are Back!

Hot Soup Carts are like the ground hogs of Midtown Lunch’ing, once they pop up you know that summer is really over!  Just spotted this one on 49th btw. 6+7th…  so, in case you were unsure, fall has officially begun.