Get $20 of Lunch Credit on LevelUp for Just $10

The new virtual wallet app, LevelUp, has been mentioned on ML several times in the past few weeks, and now you can get $20 of credit for $10 via Signpost. Several of our ML favorites seem to be adopting the technology, including Bian Dang and Schnitzel & Things (and we’re hearing tomorrow there might be a deal w/ Eddie’s Pizza Truck), so this may very well be the wave of the Midtown Lunch future.


  • New users only???? Please confirm.

    This voucher can be used up until Jan 31, 2012.
    Once redeemed, the $20 never expires. To use this deal, customers must download a free LevelUp mobile app for iPhone and Android or order a free LevelUp card at You must register with LevelUp using a valid debit or credit card. Valid for new users only.

  • Worked like a charm at for a freebie at City Sandwich 2 weeks back

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