Yummy Sushi’s Teriyaki Lunch Special is Shockingly Pathetic

Yummy Sushi
Back when I was a newbie midtown luncher, I’ll admit that I made more than a few trips to Yummy Sushi in the Rock Center concourse. This was in the dark days before our fearless leader launched Midtown Lunch, so I’m going to plead youthful ignorance and the fact that it was a compromise spot I could go to with my vegetarian friend. I haven’t ordered from Yummy Sushi in ages (years?). Last week I was craving some chicken teriyaki and only had a few precious minutes to step out to grab something before back-to-back conference calls that would last until 4pm. I decided to give Yummy Sushi’s chicken teriyaki a try. That was a mistake.  Seriously… you’re not even going to believe what you’re about to see.  

Yummy Sushi Rice Combo
Their Rice Combo specials are $6.99 and include 2 items plus a vegetable over white or brown rice. I asked for chicken teriyaki with shumai. They were out of vegetables so they gave me extra shumai (notice the two lone dumplings sitting atop the rice.)

Yummy Sushi Terikayi Rice Combo

Can you imagine my reaction when I got back to my desk and opened the container (and yes, that’s the whole lunch.  There were no pre-photo bites removed). Not only was it nowhere near as generous as Teriyaki Boy’s $3.99 chicken teriyaki special, it  wasn’t anywhere near as tasty. The chicken chunks were light on the saucing and the chicken itself was DRY. The shumai weren’t much better, they had sort of an odd fishy aftertaste and were very salty. I already gave up on sushi there years ago and I’m definitely not going back for chicken teriyaki anytime soon. I think I’ll cede this spot to the tourists. If you’ve tried anything here worth a return trip, let us know in the comments. RIP Teriyaki Boy. I miss you.

Yummy Sushi, 30 Rockefeller Plaza (Concourse Level), 212-459-2100


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