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Yummy Sushi’s Teriyaki Lunch Special is Shockingly Pathetic

Yummy Sushi
Back when I was a newbie midtown luncher, I’ll admit that I made more than a few trips to Yummy Sushi in the Rock Center concourse. This was in the dark days before our fearless leader launched Midtown Lunch, so I’m going to plead youthful ignorance and the fact that it was a compromise spot I could go to with my vegetarian friend. I haven’t ordered from Yummy Sushi in ages (years?). Last week I was craving some chicken teriyaki and only had a few precious minutes to step out to grab something before back-to-back conference calls that would last until 4pm. I decided to give Yummy Sushi’s chicken teriyaki a try. That was a mistake. ¬†Seriously… you’re not even going to believe what you’re about to see. ¬† Read more »