Is The Midtown Truck Ban Easing Up?

The law still stands that food trucks are not legally allowed to set up at parking meters to operate their business. And while petitions have been signed, videos have been circulated, and meetings have been held, we don’t see quite as many trucks as we used to. However, it seems as if the police have been bothering the trucks a little less frequently in the last few weeks. Have they finally found better things to do, or is it just lulling us back into a false sent of lunchtime security…

In the last few weeks, there have been some encouraging signs including three trucks (Desi Truck, Rickshaw, Crepes Truck) parked on 50th and 6th side by side that haven’t not been bothered at all – except by the competition from the new Thai food cart on the same corner. ML favorite Taim Mobile has even made quite a few appearances in Midtown the last few weeks (after a long absence) without any trouble. And it’s not uncommon to see Wafels & Dinges, Crisp, or Red Hook Lobster Truck back on 46th near 6th Avenue on any given day. It seems like now that the summer has ended and the glut of new food trucks has slowed, business is starting to return to normal.

However, not everything is rosy. The Treats Truck made their first non-promotional appearance in Midtown since the ban last Monday on 38th and 5th, but were told to leave by some undercover cops. Kim tried again on Wednesday at her old 45th Street spot and that seemed to work for the afternoon, but needless to say she’s discouraged and skeptical. Although if we’re lucky, we may see her a bit more often in Midtown and won’t have to just live vicariously through her new cookbook. In the meantime, follow the trucks on the ML Twitter Tracker and be sure to show your support.


  • perhaps they’re busy keeping watch on the Occupy Wall Street folk…

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    50th between 6th and 7th seems to be the one block where the trucks never really left. The crepes truck was there most of the time, and the Desi truck switched to a cart, which they had a limited time permit for) and have now switched back to the truck.

  • Election just passed?

  • 32nd and madison has been a dead dead area for several months. Taim comes around Madison Park once a week–I think Kimchi Taco too.

    A bit of good news though–there’s been a Mexican truck on 27th between madison and park for the last couple of weeks. I tried the steak torta last week. It was only 5 bucks but it was REAL fatty. I spit half of it out and fed it to my dog. What was edible was fair. I wouldn’t go back for the steak, but I’d try the chicken, and lengua and ear…

  • Oh, figures that the one time a truck ventures into the west 30s they get chased.

    I’m going to start listening to NWA and stare at cops threateningly. (not really)

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