Foodie and My Maki Are Now Closed


I can’t say that I’ll miss it but what used to be Boi Restaurant then switched to Foodie (44th btw 2+3rd Ave) is gone. I never got around to try it but I remember my coworkers saying they enjoyed the dumplings. It’s always sad to see a place shutter, but with a name like that are we really that surprised? ┬áLet’s just hope something good will replace it.

But wait… there’s more.


Just two blocks away from Foodie, My Maki (43rd btw Lex+3rd Ave), the place where you could make your own sushi rolls with crazy fillings is closed as well. I had noticed people moving tables around last Friday but I thought they were just doing some minor cleaning/renovations. I was totally not expecting to see it all emptied out and a quick call to their number got me a “Sorry this number is not in service” message. Now, where will Blondie be able to eat sushi rolls stuffed with potato sticks?


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    The banh mi at Foodie was not very good. I’m not going to say that it deserved to close, but, let’s face it, who wants a sub-par banh mi for double the price of a Chinatown banh mi for lunch?

    Also, I think My Maki was doomed from the get-go. A genius idea is when someone formulates something you were thinking but couldn’t articulate. When My Maki came about, no one immediately thought, “You’re right! The problem with sushi restaurants is that I have no control over my roll! This is my time, sushi, I’ma put crunched up Doritos and crab in my roll!”

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    My Maki is lucky to have stayed open that long. Who wants to eat assembly line sushi for very high prices? It screamed novelty and lacked substance.

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    Disagree. I really liked Foodie, and it was always busy around lunch. Not sure why they closed – it was one of my “go to” spots when I had time to walk around. A travesty in my opinion.

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