My Maki: Our First Taste of Potato Stick Stuffed Sushi

My Maki

As a luncher who likes having many a good amount of options for my meals, I was excited to make my own sushi at My Maki (43rd btw Lex+3rd), especially when it could involve junk food. I know junk food in sushi might be considered irreverence to Japanese culture, but it feels so rebellious. Seeing that they’re running a special “Midtown Lunch Promotion” getting you $3 off any roll this week, I made the time to head on over.

My Maki

The interior of My Maki is very orange and plastic modern. To order your roll, you head to the back wall and move along their buffet station. The employees were all very approachable, and more than willing to answer questions about the ingredients and the sort of rolls I could make. (You can check out the menu of options here.) I went with the traditional Nori seaweed wrap ($5.90). For my main ingredients, I was torn between chicken and shiitake mushrooms. That’s when I found out you can go half and half with two, they’ll only charge you for the more expensive one. Yes, you can basically get two unique 5-piece rolls. The main ingredients range between $1.50-$2.95-even with the most expensive (whitefish and crawfish), rolls only hit the $9 range.

My Maki

For the secondary ingredients, you get two free with any additional being 75¢. Feeling in need of sustenance and only slightly rebellious, I went with avocado, baby spinach, and potato sticks. I found out that the Doritos are reduced to crumbs, probably providing more flavor than crunch. My potato sticks definitely added a nice crunch to the finished roll, complementing my majority of soft ingredients. Topping it off with sesame seeds, another nod towards tradition, made my concoction feel well-rounded for a first try. And after the promo, the whole thing cost $5.50-can’t beat that! The roll roller had some nice skills since even went drenched in soy, my roll held together, not disintegrating into numerous pieces. All in all, the roll tasted fresh, the ingredients holding their own against the nori, and more than one co-worker’s interest was piqued upon spying it.

I will say that they could be a little more generous with the ingredients, this one roll would never keep me full through the afternoon. And obviously it was $8.50 it *really* wouldn’t have been worth it.  But they do have salads and soups on the menu for additional sustenance, but most sushi places offer miso soup and/or ginger salad with lunch specials, so they might need to add on a deal there if they want to make it to my permanent rotation.

The + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • You can choose your own fillings for sushi! Picky eaters unite!
  • Fresh, quality ingredients in sushi for a roll around $10 in an area with few low-end sushi joints.
  • Doritos and Potato sticks in sushi! Mind blown with awesome.

The – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • You can have a roll delivered with soup and/or salad for the same price.
  • It’s like a salad bar, but for sushi. This could get expensive, fast.
  • Doritos and Potato sticks in sushi? Mind blown with disgustingness.

My Maki, 142 East 43rd Street, (212) 682-2795


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