Wahoo’s Makes Us Go Boo Hoo With Food Truck Talk

We were pretty excited back in May to hear that Wahoo’s Fish Tacos was coming to NYC, and according to The Feast their first location will be opening on November 15th on Park Ave. btw. 24+25th.  We were hoping that it would be in Midtown proper, but I guess Flatiron isn’t the worst news in the world (especially considering that they plan on opening at least 5 more locations in NYC, so there’s still a chance.) The actual worst news in the world is the tidbit that they are hoping to bring one of their food trucks to the city.  Seriously?  Have they not been reading about all the issues facing food trucks in New York these days?  It’s one thing to open a food truck because it’s your only option, or because food trucks have been in your family for years, or you are passionate about being a part of the fabric of the mobile food vending community.  But using it as a billboard for your 5 to 12 NYC franchises is unconscionable.  We love you Wahoo’s, and NYC should be excited for your fish tacos.  But leave your food trucks at home.

Beginning of the Vendor Backlash: My Case Against the La Cense Burger Truck


  • maybe they aren’t planning to have their truck go to midtown?

    maybe they want the truck around while the stores are being built out?

    i’m sure they heard about the recent crackdown and can make their own decision.

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    WTF? Stop trying to discourage people from opening food trucks in Midtown! It’s bad enough without your help.

    • clearly you did not read zach’s article about the issue at hand (its not soley against food trucks). try reading the “related” link above.

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        I did read the article, although I don’t remember seeing the related link when I first clicked through.

        My point (reflected by others below) is that I don’t think the crappy loss leader trucks will last anyway (haven’t seen La Cense around here in a while), and this one doesn’t really seem to fit that category anyway.

        This is also in reaction to a string of articles by Zach that are admonishing trucks from setting up here for fear of upsetting some “unwritten rules” set up by brick and mortars and street vendors. Let us decide what is successful by our patronage.

        The byline of this blog used to refer to the “food wasteland that is midtown”. Until the recent crackdown the trucks seemed to offer a glimmer of hope, and I think we should encourage more of them to come.

  • I agree–let the market sort it out…not “I was here first and am a mom and pop.” Even if it means all trucks and lunchers will suffer in the short-intermediate term due to a midtown crackdown, I think in the long term the city will have to find ways to accommodate the trucks to satisfy new yorkers’ demands for affordable, non-shitty food, e.g. designated rotating parking spots, etc.

  • I have no problem with the truck in midtown especially if their only location is down in Flatiron.

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