Rumors We’d Like to Believe: Wahoo Fish Tacos Coming to NYC

Midtown fish taco lovers, your prayers have been answered.  We have it on pretty good authority that Wahoo’s Fish Tacos (a popular West coast fast casual chain with locations in California, Texas and Utah) is looking to open NYC locations by September of this year.  No locations have been finalized yet, but we’re hearing the first one might be somewhere around 56th Street btw. 5+6th Ave.


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    I thought I had mentioned this when we had the Melt thread going. I know that I mentioned that the company backing Melt, BCP, also has the Five Guys Manhattan territory.

    They have the exclusive rights to Manhattan for Wahoo’s:

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    OMFG this is amazing news. I ate at wahoo’s all the time in college. I hope the NYC location will be as good as the CA locations. Cross country consistency is apparently harder than it seems (I’m looking at you, Baja Fresh).

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    If it is indeed on w56th street then no matter how good it is it will be gone shortly. That block seems to be death for food operations over the years.

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