Contributor Stalking (The “Glorious Seafood” edition)

Jalea Mixta at Urubamba in Jackson Heights. Photo by Donny.

Blondie took a beach day and ate burgers and ice cream in the Rockaways, Brownie discovered Canadian-style “All Dressed” potato chips in Maine, Donny had some tasty Peruvian food at Urubamba in Queens, Brian trekked to The Bronx to try the peanut punch at Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop and I’m still traveling, but my photos of David Kinch in the Bon Appetit test kitchen were just published.

Elsewhere in the ML universe… Jamie had chicken soup at El CostoƱo in Philly, Andrea checked out the original Harry’s Italian Downtown, and Zach found Japanese curry and Italian pasta together at Fat Spoon in Downtown LA.

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