Chicken Soup to Cure What Ails You at El Costoño

Its hot out there, really really hot. So what would possess me to go to an unaircontioned restaurant and order soup? A mean hangover, the kind that only chicken soup can cure, that’s what.

Located in the Italian Market, El Costono serves Mexican food and has a full bar, not that I needed it. On the menu you’ll find tacos, tortas, burritos, meat platters, seafood, and soup. Normally I would choose a torta, I do love me Mexican sandwich, but I was looking for something more healing.

Chips with 2 dipping sauces came as soon as we sat down.

I cooled down with a fresh strawberry and banana shake before my hot soup came out.

My giant bowl of chicken soup, caldo de pollo ($9) had everything in it, chicken on the bone, veggies, chayote, rice, and enough broth to actually make a full meal. I could have used a thicker broth, but the veggie enriched chicken broth did my body good.

If you are down for a splurge or have people to share with, the ceviche is a glorious pile of seafood and avocado chunks ready for a squeeze of lime and a pinch of jalepeno.

El Costoño, 940 S 9th St , 215 925-1010


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