On the Quest for Mexican Food: El Jarocho plus… ML Philly’s Mexican Restaurant Ranking

With Jimmy’s question yesterday about good Mexican in Philly, I turned to El Jarocho, suggested by Luncher MWinston. El Jarocho is a small Mexican restaurant on the corner of 13th and Elsworth. The menu has breakfast items, burritos, sandwiches, and tacos, plus bigger entrees that cost over $10. How does it compare to the rest of what Philly has to offer?

After sitting down a waitress placed a  plate of fried tortilla chips and some sort of cheese dip that was both disgusting and addicting.

An order of guacamole was consumed too quickly by my table to be photographed. It was as  fresh as what you could get at any Steven Starr restaurant but at half the price.

My dining companions all ordered the football size burritos. They each reported back being very happy with their orders. I went instead for an al pastor torta. The waitress recommended the torta over the cemita because she thought the bread was better. I did not agree. I thought the bread was too thick; there was too much to get through before getting to the good stuff. The pineapple infused pork, on the other hand, was perfect. With the refried beans, lettuce, and tomato there were lots of enjoyable flavors and textures.

Also, the watermelon agua fresca was perfect for the hot weather.

So, dedicated to Jimmy Pickles, here is my ranking of Mexican Restaurants I have eaten at in Philly.

1st Place:  A tie between Don Memo and Mexico on the Square

2nd Place: El Jarocho

3rd Place: Taco Riendo

Special Honors:  the ½ off Thursday night deal at Xochitl and the inventive tacos at Coup de Taco

On my To -try List Based on Reader Recomendations: Veracruzana, Sazon,  Los Gallos

El Jarocho, 1138 S 13th St (@ Elsworth St), 215-463-2020



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