99 Cent Fresh Sells Jamaican Beef Patty Pizza


I can’t say I’ve had any interest in the 99¢ pizza trend. Cheap is good, tasting good is better. Still, I have to admit some morbid curiosity when passing the new 99¢ pizza shop that’s opened up in the old K! Pizzacone location. If I could try that abomination, how bad could this be? As I waited though, I glanced at the menu and saw a single other option on the menu: a Jamaican beef patty available with cheese and pizza toppings.

I hadn’t had one of those since my high school days when every pizza joint sold slices for a dollar. It’s greasy and spicy and cheesy, I had to try it out after all these years and see if it was actually any good.


The slice was all I’d expected. It had a doughy, bland crust, the cheese layered on was thin, it was nothing special.


I can’t say my hopes were very high, which always helps. Using the same cheap Tasty brand patties that you find in Brooklyn bodegas, they split open the half-thawed patty and add the toppings. In this case, cheese and pepperoni.


They baked it for what seemed like an eternity, leaving the crust a little burnt, the filling molten and the cheese crispy around the edges. I found a bench and gingerly ate it while trying to avoid any serious burns.

Nothing about this brought back any sort of nostalgia. I can’t say whether it was poor execution or that my tastes have changed, but having tried it out once, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to do it again for another 20 years.  But if you’ve never felt the joy, I suppose it’s worth checking out once.

99 Cent Fresh Pizza, 319 5th Ave. (btw. 32+33rd)


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