Pulled Pork Pizza from Eddie’s Pizza Truck

Eddie's Pizza Truck
Whenever I’m feeling low on lunchtime inspiration, I usually take a peek at the ML Twitter Tracker to see which of the trucks are around and if they’re packing any specials. Yesterday I noticed Eddie’s Pizza Truck was just a few blocks away and packing pulled pork pizza ($9 for a bar pie). Seeing as that’s a combination of two of my favorite dishes, I had to check it out.


The line at peak lunch time can be quite long, but fortunately they let you call in orders of as little as one bar pie unlike other trucks that have a larger minimum order. I placed my order at around 12:30 with a pick up time of 1:20. Not exactly quick but better than standing in the hot sun waiting. Unfortunately when I got to the truck it wasn’t quite ready so I probably had another 10-15 minute wait.


The bar pie has an ├╝ber-thin crust and plenty of cheese. There are about a million ways to prepare pulled pork, so I wasn’t sure what to expect here. It ended up being in a sort of sweet barbecue sauce which worked pretty well with the mozzarella and marinara. There wasn’t a ton of pork on the pizza, so if you’re expecting a truly loaded pie you might be disappointed, but if you have a light to moderate appetite this lunch should suffice. That said, for the money their 1-topping bar pie, plus side, plus drink for $10 is definitely a better deal (alas the $10 lunch special doesn’t include the weekly special pie, though you can typically get it with a surcharge.)

Eddie’s Pizza Truck should have the pulled pork special again today and they are scheduled to be on 52nd between 3rd and Lex, but schedules can change so be sure to check the Twitter Tracker before you go.


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