Is Oceana’s Lobster Roll Worth the Splurge?

Oceana Lobster Roll Stand
Earlier this week, we noted that Oceana would be joining the lobster roll game by setting up a stand behind the restaurant, serving $15 lobster rolls and $2 cookies. Although The Feast got a first look at these gourmet lobster rolls on Monday, here’s our take on the newest entrant to the burgeoning lobster roll scene.

Oceana Lobster Roll
I heard grumblings on the forums that the rolls seem to be on the small side, and the stingy side of me could certainly make that argument. However, the size is about on par with the rolls from Luke’s, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Mary’s Fish Camp, etc. After all, lobster doesn’t come cheap, and I do appreciate a fine dining restaurant making the effort to cater to the cursory and the cheap luncher.

Oceana’s roll is a mixture of chopped claw and tail meat, a smattering of celery and lettuce for texture (and filler), bound by a lobster infused mayonnaise, and served in the traditional buttered and toasted split bun. If you’re the type of person who enjoys the lobster rolls at places like Ed’s, Mary’s Fish Camp, Mermaid Inn, etc – that is to say chopped up lobster with a bit of texture and crunch, and a good bit of mayo, you might find something to like about this roll. ┬áBut if you’re a purist who prefers the Luke’s Lobster or Dr. Claw style roll (all claw and leg meat dressed with just a touch of butter), then this roll is definitely not going to be the one to bring you over to the other side.

Whatever camp you’re in, it’s always worth a splurge for a bit of lobster for lunch. (I, however, will be sticking with Luke’s.)

Oceana, 120 W. 49th St. (btw. 6+7th), 212-759-5941


  • lobster rolls in philly today too! except ours are $15 today only, normally they are normally almost double that

  • Lobster rolls are all the rage it seems. South Houston (on Grand & W.Bway in Soho) has a sign outside that they’re serving them as well.

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    Is the lobster roll pre-packaged (that’s what it looks like in the picture)? If so, that’s kind of off-putting.

    That kid looks like an intern.

  • Brooklyn lobster Lb. lobster roll was definitely heartier than that one. Luke’s looks heartier as well. That almost looks sickly…

  • I was there today. Not worth it. There’s not enough meat in the bun, and I’m not sure the rolls are kept safely. The roll was room temperature when I got it and it was out in the heat. It’s $15 for a lobster roll without enough meat and $3 for a drink. Rip off!

  • The roll wasn’t bad, but you do not get what you paid for.

    Yes, it’s a kid and he has a tip jar that says “College Fund”.

    If the roll was $10, I’d help him out…

  • and yes, the rolls are pre-made and packed.

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