Contributor Stalking (The “Carne Asada Fries” Edition)


Brownie took her baby to Xi’an Famous Foods, while Blondie was eating ice cream sandwiches at 3 Tarts in Chelsea.  Clay spent some time on the newly open section of the Highline, Donny was unimpressed by the Montreal bagels at the brand new B&B Empire Bistro, and Brian loved the snails over at Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights.

Around the rest of the ML empire… Andrea  notices that Sigmund Pretzel Shop has set up a cart in Bowling Green,  Jamie finds some great samosas in Philly, and I discover the awesome-ness that is carne asada fries in Los Angeles.


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    BAH! At first glance I thought you had found carne asada fries in New York! You have no idea what kind of mood swing you just induced. As a native Californian and recent New York transplant, that picture brings back many a fond memory even though it pains me to look…

  • Cruel, cruel, cruel.

  • That monster plate belongs on top of a huarache or the innards of a gut-bomb burrito.
    You know it would sell!

  • It’s so beautiful, I made it my avatar

  • Dear God, that looks amazing!

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    That’s just wrong!!! me so hungry for carne asada Cali style….

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    Am I the only person who thinks that looks gross? Maybe it really does taste good, but it *looks* exactly like food from some shitty sports bar.

    • It looks awesome to me, but I am assuming the guacamole is good, since it is from an authentic-looking place. It all depends on the guac, and there is carne asada in there also. Plus, the white stuff looks a bit thinner than standard sour cream, so I am also assuming it’s the mexican kind. My assumptions are making me hungry.

    • The taste of foods is what matters. Smell too.
      It can look like crap but taste golden delicious!!

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        Of course taste is what matters, but a lot of people said that it *looked* delicious. I know jack shit about Mexican food, but what I do believe is that (a) the guac looks a bit runny for tastes, and (b) soggy fries kills everything that is great about fries. I also thought that the runny sour cream looked gross, but I guess that’s the Mexican kind (?) and is hence superior.

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