Sigmund Pretzel Shop Sets Up Cart At Bowling Green

I don’t wander down to Bowling Green unless I’m hot on the trail of lunch, but when I was down there Friday I noticed Sigmund Pretzel Shop had a cart parked right by the 4/5 subway station. Of course I had to go over and investigate! The delicious maker of all things pretzel on the Lower East Side will be parked there for the next five years, Monday through Friday, according to the bored-looking girl working the cart. They have various kinds of pretzels that are $3 and up, on top of a pretzel-wrapped hot dog and iced coffee. This is definitely going in the afternoon snack rotation.


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    I wasn’t impressed by it. Stopped by a couple weeks ago when they first opened. Found the pretzels pretty stale and flavorless. Overpriced for what you get.

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