Comme Ci, Comme Ça Truck Begins Weekly Specials

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Chef Samir is mixing things up at the Comme Ci, Comme Ça Truck this past week, adding some specials. The truck’s sandwiches have been getting a lot of love in the forums and for vegetarians or folks looking for something on the lighter side on this brutally hot day, the salads and the Bademjan wrap should fit the bill.

Greek Salad

The Greek Salad ($5) came with feta cheese, red onion, cucumber, tomato, mixed greens. Slightly bigger than a side salad but smaller than a lunch salad, you’ll want to augment this (unless you have a very small appetite). The orange vinagrette makes it very fresh and light tasting, a nice option for the hot weather.

Bademjan wrap

The Bademjan wrap ($6) hummus, baba ghanoush, mixed greens, tomato, curly parsley comes on a fairly long spinach wrap–it’s sort of hard to tell in the photo that the two halves are balancing on each other. Keeping with the citrusy vibe of the Greek Salad, the hummus and baba ghanoush also had a lemony tang. This was definitely more filling than the salad, but still a good summer option for days when you don’t want a gut busting lunch.

I’ve long been a fan of Chef Samir’s cooking and I hope the coming weeks will bring more specials into the rotation. Today he’s parked on 55th and Lex, and is serving a capreses salad.  Check ML Twitter Tracker or @chefsamirtruck for updates.


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