Miss Softee and Taim Mobile Both Got Into Dust Ups on Friday

Miss Softee Attacked!

With this season’s Softee trucks already rolling out and more trucks regularly coming into Midtown, it was only a matter of time before the altercations started up again. If you were reading Miss Softee’s Twitter on Friday, you’d have watched the drama play out on the corner of 44th & 6th live. Miss Softee maintains that she was parked in the spot on the NE corner, and willing to talk to the hot dog/pretzel vendor regarding turf. He wasn’t so friendly. For some reason, he pushed his cart off the curb and into Oreo, breaking two of Oreo’s windows! Luckily, there were witnesses around to verify her account, and she said vendor was taken away in cuffs. It takes more than a few broken windows to stop Oreo!

And apparently this wasn’t the only street vendor fight in Midtown on Friday…

From Lunch’er Rose on Friday afternoon:

After getting kicked out of their first spot, Taim Mobile had found a 2nd spot on 51st between Park and Lex on the same block as Uncle Gussy’s. They parked around 11:20am and the head guy from the Uncle Gussy’s truck bascially came storming out of his truck and threatened the Taim guys. He was threatening physical violence, was 1 inch from one of the Taim’s guy face (the head guy at Taim, don’t know his name…) with his finger pointed in his face, and was spewing/screaming something about being in prison for 4years and no one else could park on the block.

Uncle Gussy’s has already had incidents with the Midtown North lieutenant who wants to rid the precinct of food trucks altogether, so it’s only natural that U.G.’s owner Nick  did not take kindly to Taim’s showing up on the block.  But we also never condone a vendor threatening another vendor with physical violence.  Nick says that he was “taken out of character”.  In the end Taim, reminded of the unwritten rule, moved onto 52nd between Park & Lex with their legions of fans in tow.


  • I had never tried Uncle Gussy’s but wanted to. Guess I’ll be skipping him, now.

    • And naturally I will be avoiding that hotdog/pretzel guy. But for more reasons than just his terrible food.

    • I personally like U.G., went there 2 days in a row last week. Though I dont agree with their actions, Taim should have known better, IMO. UG has been on that corner pretty much forever.

      • I for one also will cut UG some slack, it’s his spot. Plus he did not resort to throwing schnitzel, which is unforgivable.

  • Interesting on the unwritten rule link the Sweetery guy says he wants to form a coalition. But in the recent post about forming a group he says…

    “Not all the trucks believe that this new found camaraderie is genuine, though. Sweetery NYC decided not to join the group, telling the WSJ the “fiercely competitive nature of the vendor world does not lend itself well to unity”

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    Except for Rafiqui’s at the corner of 39th and 3rd, 3rd Ave in the lower 40′s is devoid of trucks. We need some food truck love down here.

  • Poor Miss Softee. Luckily no one got hurt.
    Crazy vendor.

    Violence solves all…no, not cool at all to harm people or threaten them.

  • Don’t mess with the Greeks!

  • Hey foodtrucks

    park on near 7th ave\8th west 30s, its a wasteland over here.

  • I think these truck owners need to keep tasers nearby… Seriously.

  • I will stand outside of miss softee and protect her.

  • thanks all!! update: the angry vendor called nypd minute we rolled up today and thankfully the officer was able to help mediate us!! i firmly believe there’s no reason to fight when we have words and can talk it out while being respectful of each other’s business.

    again, thank you for your continued support!!
    <3 Miss Softee

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