Korilla BBQ Tests Out New Menu Items

Korilla BBQ line

This week I noticed on the ML Twitter Tracker that Korilla BBQ was trying out some new menu items–citrus glazed version of their “Wonderbird” (aka chicken) and the KALBiester which is their take on traditional BBQ (kalbi is marinated short rib). Being a Korilla fan, I had to go check it out.

Korilla Wonderbird Tacos

By the time I got to the truck they were already sold out of the KALBiester, but I was able to score the new citrus chicken which they recommended in taco form. For all my trips to Korilla, this was the first time I tried their tacos (I favor their chosun bowl for the added kimchi goodness). The tacos held together well (which seems an improvement from the early days) and the light citrus-y flavor of the chicken paired nicely with the hot, hot k’lla sauce. If you prefer a milder sauce, I suspect the citrus would come through as a stronger note, but I was pleased with the spicy/sweet balance of my tacos. I was pleasantly full after eating all three.

The guys at Korilla are testing these items out. Depending on feedback they are considering replacing the original chicken with the citrus and the bulgogi with the galbi. Good choice? Share your thoughts in the comments.

They usually spend Mondays and Thursdays on 55th and Lex, but as always you should check their Twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


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