Sombrero Cart Moves to Madison

This was mentioned in the forums back in March, but we didn’t notice until just today thanks to Lunch’er Harry: the Sombrero Cart, which has been parked on 50th just West of 6th Ave. for as long as we can remember, has moved to 54th and Madison.  Hard shell tortilla and nacho cheese lovers, take note!


  • wow – that sucks for me since they were just 2 blocks north of me before. I looked for them twice recently so thanks for the update, ML.

    Those on the EAST side, take note, their $6 burrito (w rice and beans on the side) will fill you up plenty. Super nice people too. Hope they find much success in their new digs….

  • This is as good a place as any to ask: I haven’t seen the Sombrero cart this year. Does anyone know if they are having permit troubles, or something else? I haven’t been able to dig up anything online, and unlike their last long disappearance from W 50th, they didn’t seem to move to 53rd and Madison.

  • I wish I knew too…the old guard at ML would have known right away…I’m missing my sombrero fix and the nice folks that run it.

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