Free Cajun Food Truck Alert (And Free French Food Reminder)

That free french food truck will be back in Midtown today-this time on 5th Ave. btw. 49+50th- giving out free food created by Joel Robuchon for Air France. Love the branded freebies?  There will be a History Channel Truck on 40th and 6th giving out free cajun food on Monday. (Is “freeloaders engage” getting old? Uh… what about… go go gadget freeloaders!?)  UPDATE: Because of Obama’s visit the Cajun Truck will be on Lex btw. 52+53rd on Monday from Noon to 3pm.


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    The truck is not on 5th between 49th and 50th this morning. Anyone have any idea where it is?

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    I’ve never seen NYPD Traffic allow anybody to park on Fifth.

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    I got some breakfast from the Air France truck this morning. It was on 50th St near the corner of 5th.

  • actually went back today again for “lunch”. Well, like yesterday they aren’t where they said they would be.

    I mean…did they REALLY thing they were gonna roll up on 5th Avenue and park a truck? Really?

    Well, for those who are looking for the truck, they are parked on 51 Street today, right off 5th Avenue on the NW corner.

    “lunch” was the same as yesterday (Lunch was a cucumber and a smoked salmon chunk on a toothpick, a 2″ piece of beef (with wine truffle sauce)on another toothpick, and a 1″ chunk of potato gratin, and a petit four.)

    NO LINE today. Probably because noone would know where to find them if they aren’t where they said they would be.

    “Dinner” samples at 4:30pm.

    Damn French aren’t very detailed oriented. :-)

  • Obama is in DC today, not NY. Why can’t these trucks be where they say they will be? Missed out on the alligator! boohoo

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