Free French Food Alert

As much as we want to hate companies slapping their logo on a food truck for publicity, we just can’t resist the lure of free food! Yesterday, Grub Street reported that Air France will be promoting its new Joel Robuchon menu by giving out freebies from a truck for the next five days. The truck will be parked in Midtown tomorrow and Friday, and you can get all the details here.


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    Checked out breakfast this morning – pain au chocolat and a mushroom crepe.

    See piggie diaries for more info and photos:

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    Truck moved to 42nd and Broadway….sorry to say I will stick with peanuts and bloody marys on board. It was not really free lunch, more like free apps. There was a cucumber and smoked salmon brochette, grilled beef filet(kind of fatty) and Potatoes au gratin(which was pretty good) and a petit four(not so good)

    Dinner is suppose to be smoked shrimp rondelle and shepherds pie with duck confit. At least on the long line you get to sign up to win free tickets for Paris(fingers crossed)

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      They aren’t providing full-fledged meals, but what do you expect from a truck that’s giving away free food to hundreds of people as a marketing strategy?

      Someone wants to feed me respectable samplings of French food…for free? Alrighty, sounds good to me!

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    agreed, I didnt expect a larger portion, just stating what you get so people know what to expect.

    As for the food, if you are promoting the new menu aboard flights the taste should be the most important thing. I felt that the meat was fatty and the petite four tasted like a russel stovers candy, I did however like the Potatoes au gratin.

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