Schitzel & Things Storefront Opening Monday?

Back in January we told you that Schnitzel & Things would be opening a brick and mortar store on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th. Well, according to this they are hoping to officially open on Monday! (With a soft open as early as this weekend!?) We hear that the construction is not completely done yet, so nothing is guaranteed, but even if Monday isn’t the day… clearly we are only days away from stationary schnitz! Oh, and we’ve been saying it forever… but as Fork in the Road notes, food truck wannabes should take note of Gene’s comments.  Running a food truck is not as “liberating” as you might think. (Emotionally and financially.)  [via Eater]


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    holy schitzel!

  • I hope that their brick and mortar locations will be able to crank out food faster than the truck. This is the biggest reason I dont go to the truck as much as I would like, especially since they park right outside my office once a week. The food is great, and they give you a lot. But seriously, a good 15 or so minutes from when I order to get my food? (not from when I get in line to order). and its not like its straight-out-of-the-fryer fresh either.

  • Best of luck to Oleg and the gang. I hope it works out great for them.

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