ML Happy Hour: Pub Crawls and Paddy’s Day Drinking

Just in case the name “Mamacita” didn’t tip you off, I’m not Irish. My knowledge of St. Patrick boils down to two things. First, he rid Ireland of snakes. That’s right he had enough of those mutherf**in’ snakes on his mutherf**in’ island. So, he went all Samuel L. Jackson on a geographic scale! That’s pretty badass. Second, It’s a time for the millions of Irish expats and their descendants to celebrate their heritage and remember the motherland –preferably by getting stinking drunk. The Irish loom large in the history of this fine city so consider it your civic duty to raise a glass or five to the Emerald Isle.

This here concludes your history lesson now on to the boozing.

Another St Paddy’s, another bar crawl, but this year is different! There seems to be two competing inebriated stumbling events all set for the same nights: Tonight, Saturday and our national day of cirrhosis, Thursday, St. Patrick’s. There would be an epic amount of Sheen-like winning if both rivaling crawlers (ok it might not even be rivaling, but work with my DT induced fantasies) ended up duking it out in the streets like a true drunken Irishmen. Live the dream for me angry drunks, please?

The Shamrock Shuffle will be hitting some of our midtown drinking holes, like McFadden’s Saloon (800 2nd Ave,) The Irish Exit (978 2nd Avenue), Calico Jack’s Cantina (802 2nd Ave,) Peter Dillon’s (353 Lexington Avenue,) Black Finn (218 E 53rd St,) Opal (251 E 52nd St,) and Mercury Bar (493 3rd Ave.) There will be drink specials like 10 oz. Bud Light drafts for $1, well drinks at $3, Jameson Shots, naturally, at $4.
For more bars and how to register go to Bar Crawls.

Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl invites you to embark on a weekend filled with cheap booze. Same specials as Shamrock Shuffle: 10 oz. Bud Light drafts for $1, well drinks at $3, Jameson Shots at $4. Some bars on the list that caught my eye were Van Diemens, Katwalk, and TG Whitney’s. For a full list of bars and how to register go to Bar Crawls.

If you were able to get tickets to this show, you are one lucky bastard. It’s sold out, but I can’t imagine a more perfect Paddy’s day then seeing Shane slurring through the classics. Mic stand in one hand, pint glass in the other, and clinging to both for dear life. At Terminal 5.

Rudy’s Bar
Shot of Bushmills Irish whiskey with a Rudy’s Blonde for 5 bucks. And they always have free hotdogs.

Desmon’s Tavern
Speaking of music, Desmond’s will bring live and direct from Scotland the Irish Rebel Music of Steve Dodd starting at 7:30 pm. They have also added PBR on draft and are officially welcoming all hipsters. I doubt the regulars are pleased.

Smith’s Bar

Starting at 8am they will be serving fresh-cooked Irish breakfasts. For the afternoon you can order corned beef sandwiches and enjoy live Irish music (bring on the bagpipes) and there will also be a DJ spinning afterwards.

Benjamin Steakhouse
This year Benjamin Steakhouse is bringing specialty hors d’oeuvres and cocktail for St. Paddy’s. Chef de cuisine, Arturo McLeod, has prepared corned beef sliders at $9.95 (4 per order.) There is also a specialty drink, the Irish Mojito that has 1 ½ oz. Bacardi Limon, ½ oz Crème de meth, and muddled mint leaves & lime.

The Black Finn,
Black Finn is the real let down this year. Though they are starting at 9:00am to celebrate St. Patricks the $7 Jameson shots, $7.00 Guinness, $10.00 car bombs, and $5.00 green beer “until last man standing” doesn’t sound like that great a deal.

Turtle Bay
Turtle Bay says you should celebrate like a real Irishman and be the first to drink it up on St. Paddy’s. Starting on Wednesday, March 16th, they’ll have $1 Mugs, $10 pitchers, $5 Jager shots, and a special countdown to midnight that hopefully involves more drinks.
On Thursday Irish Rock Band “The Ruffians” is playing live at 2pm. There will be green beer, Jello shots, signature yard glasses, Leprechauns, stiltwalkers, live bagpipers, Irish car bombs races, custom airbrush t-shirts, green bead contest, and late night drink specials.

Calico Jack’s Cantina
Calico’s will offer $4 “Mexican Leprechauns” all day. I’ll just leave that with you all to ponder what it means…

Manchester Pub
Manchester hasn’t released their Irish specials yet, but I was excited to find that they have free delivery that includes beer! Yes! Can I get two burgers and a pitcher sent to my office please?

Blue Ruin
Blue Ruin is planning on serving 16 oz Bud & Bud light aluminum bottles for $5, happy hour is two for one from 5-8 pm. They’re not going to be serving you any green shots or fruity specials, but that’s why we like them.

Lastly, it doesn’t have to be all about the drinks, the Treats Truck will be baking up some special shamrock sweets, just check the Twitter Tracker for more lunchtime specials on St Paddy’s Day.

If you have any special from your local pub you’d like to add, post them in the comments.

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