Midtown Happy Hour: Black Finn

If you like to eat, chances are you like to drink (read: a lot of you are freakin’ lushes), so I thought maybe it was time to introduce a happy hour column to the site. Every week, our Happy Hour Correspondent “Mamacita” will post about a different bar in Midtown that fits the Midtown Lunch mentality: unhealthy food, not lame (unless it’s lame in a cool way), and most importantly… cheap. This past week, Mamacita was out of town, so she had a friend check in with this quick report from a visit to Black Finn.

Black Finn

I just got back from Chapel Hill, NC where I stuffed myself with pulled pork, pork ribs, hushpuppies, southern fried breakfasts and sweet tea. I plan on spreading my swine flu to all you midtowners! Due to my absence I was AWOL for any happy hours in NY with my friends. But like they say, when the cats away the mice will play. My favorite lush Scarlett took up the baton for this week’s happy hour and here is her lubricated take on BlackFinn, a bar where I guess all the midtown white boys rock out. -Mamacita

“That place was hysterical. My friend Kim told me there was a DJ but I kind of can’t believe it. I think the guy must have had Top 40 hit CDs– he would play ACDC and then Kelly Clarkson then an R&B hit, then Earth Wind and Fire, then Michael Jackson………. so funny. We got there at like 6 and by 7 it was elbow to elbow crowded with the WHITEST people I have ever seen in my life. Other than a few token asian girls, my gf was the only person who looked like they had any flavor in the joint.

Black Finn

For $4 you can get a decent marg, decent but small cosmo, pint of beer including Stella and Blue Moon, decent red wine and chicken fingers, wings, nachos, pretzels etc. After Port 41, this place was gorgeous and nice. Our bartender, Mike, seemed to know a lot of patrons. There are a ton of TVs above the bar and in a few little booths at the front there are little tvs too. Too bad the Skankees were on. I am pretty sure the bathroom would have passed even Shannon’s inspection. But by 9pm, after some drunk frat boy spilled his drink all over my friend’s seat, and me we bailed. There’s also a lovely two-level porn shop on that street — the second level used to be an apartment an old friend lived in, ha!”

Black Finn, 218 E 53rd St (btw. 2+3rd), 212-355-6607


  • White guys… asian girls… top 40 music… clean bathrooms.. baseball… it’s like a throwback to another time.

    Somebody get over there and put MTV on so the shankings, drive-bys and girlfriend-beatings can start

  • Scarlett…need a pic…….really.

  • racist maybe?

  • where did you eat in Chapel Hill? it’s always happy hour on franklin

  • Did you seriously just say “Too bad the Skankees were on.”??? “Skankees?” SKANKEES!!!!???? Seriously! WTF is up with that!!!! Either you’re some Boston A-hole or a f’ing traitor to our fair city….(NO decent NYer is a Mets fan)! Now I can never enter Black Finn again–b/c people like you may be there, and I’d get arrested for assault…

  • this place has 20$ open bar….why bother with happy hour?

  • She’s the A-hole??

    Goats, do us all a favor and never return to ANY bar…EVER.

    Thanks dude.

  • Yeah Goats, chill… it’s not like she outed gay-rod for liking young boys

    (Sports Illustrated will handle that next month)

  • Blackfinn is a national chain

    I thought we were steering away from chains (particularly national ones) for the most part on this blog?

  • If not, we could get DocChuck to do the next pub review on Applebees…..

  • On a related note, it would appear that Zach made D_o_c_C_h_u_c_k a forbidden word on this blog. Tried to suggest DC do the next chain review on Applebees in Arkansas, but said comment won’t post

  • It probably said comment wouldn’t post because you entered the same comment twice…

    Gotta give the Doc Chuck comments some time. They go through an extra special filtering process. :-)

  • I’m a Mets fan, ha ha. I also have a no happy hour above 42nd st rule. I am almost never wrong.

  • These pretzels are making me thirsty!

  • Sorry about the many-posts-in-a-row.

    I suck, and I am eating 3 walgreen’s sandwiches and a Tad’s steak for penance. May God forgive me.

  • This review is nearly unreadable. Scarlett: are you an imbecile?

    Rudy: keep it in your britches.

  • LOL, damn I guess Goats is as hard core as Scarlett with her baseball.

    Dan, I had to go to Allen and Sons of course. Pulled pork, fried catfish, pecan pie.

    Plus, Milltown has a mind-blowing awesome brunch! Seriously, for $8 you get a layered stack of:
    An enormous fried chicken breast (boneless pounded thin, and light/crispy)
    With 2 tall buttermilk biscuits, spit in half, it looked like 4 of your usual NY biscuits.
    3 eggs
    bacon or any other side
    Plus it’s smothered in homemade country gravy.

    Beer wise there were tons of NC microbrews to be had. *sigh*

  • Sorry – the above comment is mine. Don’t know why Fred’s name came up.

  • Baseball….gay cricket…played by the fat lads the were no good at soccer.


  • Oy Fred, calm down when you post. It’s ok, we are here for you.
    My take on happy hours (which is completely different on some levels than a lunch post) good food and drink at a cheap price is worth noting. Happy hours generally suck in midtown, so this one sounded good. $4 nachos? hell yeah I’ll give it a shot.

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