Crisp’s Baba-Burger is One Messy Sandwich

After reading about Crisp’s new falafel burgers I knew the day would come when my stomach would crave falafel, burger, and fries at the same time and BAM! A few days ago it happened. I went in thinking that I’d get the classic or maybe a chili cheese, until I saw that a new burger has appeared on the menu: The Baba-Burger ($6.25). Babaganoush and goat cheese on a falafel burger?

This is about to get crazy!


I know, the goat cheese makes it look like it’s growing something, but tangy goat cheese and peppery arugula dominated this sandwich. The babaganoush added a nice sauce, but along with the goat cheese, it made for one messy sandwich. I ended up wiping half of mine off, and the burger was still enjoyable. The falafel patty, though, was a bit overwhelmed by everything else.


Of course I got a side of fries ($1.25) since Crisp has some crunchy, but non-greasy fries. They give you a normal size serving, enough to satiate your appetite. Unfortunately, they don’t come spiced or they would be the perfect accompaniment to an actual beef burger.

Crisp (Two Locations)

  • 684 3rd Ave (on 43rd), 212-661-0000
  • 110 W 40th St (btw. B’way+6th) 212-278-8978


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