Trying ‘wichcraft’s New Potato Leek Fritatta

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I like the sandwiches at ‘wichcraft, but the price to size ratio…not so much. I was excited to read about the new sandwiches that they added in their recent menu overhaul, but sad to see that their prices had inched up as well. Still I’ve been a fan of doing their all day breakfast sandwiches for lunch, so their new potato leek frittata caught my eye. I had to check it out.

wichcraft potato leek frittata
This new sandwich was strikingly similar to the onion frittata that it replaced which consisted of onion, eggs, roasted tomato and cheddar on a ciabatta roll. Instead of regular onions this had leeks and the addition of thinly sliced potatoes. As tasty as the previous incarnation was, these new additions were winning in my book. The potatoes were tender and added an additional textural element to the sandwich that was very pleasant. And they didn’t skimp on the cheese–always a plus in my book (as I watched the man behind the counter prepare the sandwich I saw him add 3 deli style slices of cheddar).

While $6.65 might be more than I’d typically like to spend for a breakfast sandwich, when lunch time rolls around it moves more into the realm of reasonable. I still have much love for ‘wichcraft’s grilled gruyere, but for those who are looking at a grilled cheese lunch but want a little protein to tide them over, this sandwich should fit the bill.

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