Chocolate Pudding Pie Once Again Proves That Magnolia is Good For Everything But Cupcakes

Magnolia Bakery

Sadness is showing up on the last day of Flex Donuts, hoping for one last hurrah with their spiced chocolate goodness, only to see a sign saying “Out of Doughnuts.” That is a sad sign. One look to the left reminded me of the paradox that is Magnolia Bakery (in the Grand Central Food Court.) Knowing I was not going to be getting a cupcake, I took a gander at the display case to see if anything else tickled my fancy: personal chocolate pudding pie, anyone?

Chocolate Pudding Pie

Magnolia’s claim to fame shouldn’t be its cupcakes, it should be everything else they sell. I’ve had a few of their awesome puddings (banana FTW,) slices of their cakes (I take payments of icebox cake,) even a brownie once-all of it was delicious and well above average. This day I needed some chocolate, but wasn’t in the mood for a large portion and that’s when I spotted their mini graham cracker crust pies ($3.) Their chocolate pudding was excellent-creamy and dark with no chemical aftertastes, and decadent enough that you don’t need much more than the pie. The whipped cream on top and graham cracker bottom both complemented the chocolate well. It’s a sad world when I’ve become a quasi-Magnolia fan…

The Magnoliafication of Midtown Continues


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