Free Cupcake Alert

From the Treats Truck: “Our truck is going to be giving out free cupcakes for a new tv comedy called Traffic Light on FOX. We will be midtown in the afternoon, around 3-3:15pm. I think we’ll be around the Newscorp area (on 47th and 6th), but people can watch for our tweets for the exact spots!” Cupcake-crazy freeloaders… prepare to engage.


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    When is this happening? No tweets from Treats Truck yet!

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    I vowed never to try that truck again, but for free how could I not? I Had the free cupcake and it was horrible I should have stayed in my office, not worth the elevator ride down, let alone back up again. The cupcake was as hard as a rock, Hostess tastes like desert at Jean Georges compared to this train wreck. That silly truck and those putrid hockey pucks certainly does not make me want to watch anything on Fox, and that woman should be watching the Cooking Chanel, not shilling for Fox. God that Treats wagon can destroy a cupcake!

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