Finally, Kofta Has Returned to Little Morocco

Last month’s joy over Omar’s triumphant return to the Little Morocco cart (NE corner of 39th+7th) quickly turned into anticipation for the unveiling of some new menu items. This isn’t exactly new, but it’s something I’ve been hoping for ever since kofta disappeared from the menu last year.

Based on a tip in the forums, I swung by and was rewarded with a plate packed with tender kofta, the new onion slaw, corn, chickpeas, cilantro, white sauce, hot sauce, green sauce and even a single olive (down in the bottom left). This plate was a perfect example of what makes Little Morocco my favorite street meat in Midtown – the tremendous variety of flavors you get in a single serving. Here’s hoping Omar and the kofta are back for good.

Little Morocco, NE Corner of 39th and 7th Ave.

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