City Sandwich’s Morcella Sandwich is Bloody Good

City Sandwich Nuno sandwich

A few months ago, City Sandwich introduced me to trio of sandwiches which are playfully named after friends and family of the owner, Michael Guerrieri. However, up until now, I failed to familiarize myself with the ‘Nuno’ sandwich ($8.95) which is an inspired concoction of morcella (blood sausage), broccoli rabe, mozzarella, and other fixin’s, scrunched between City Sandwich’s superbly crusty and fresh sandwich rolls. Over at the Village Voice, Robert Sietsema was “knocked out” by this sandwich, and I’m inclined to agree – it’s texturally a perfect sandwich, and brims with flavor from the appealingly pungent morcella, earthy greens and creamy cheese. I would certainly encourage Midtown Lunchers to acquaint themselves with this tasty and deceptively fancy sandwich (even thought it’s technically one avenue out of bounds.)


  • My favorite too cause it reminds me of Mamacita

    earthy, pungent & creamy

    Best new sandwich shop in midtown, hands down

  • Agreed…. the Nuno rocks! And that fresh crusty bread…. CS has become a weekly destination for me even tho’ it’s a bit more $$$ than other places, but it is worth it IMO. Still going through the selections to find something to rival the Nuno.

  • The bread at this place is awesome. It satisfies my lusophilia.

  • Note: The Auntie (sardine) sandwich might just be the best sandwich I have had this year. Fishy crusty and sour.

    Just like Mamacita

  • This place is awesome. The Dave is quality

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