Contributor Stalking (The “Farewell Tabla” Edition)

Do you wonder what the ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (They’re actually pretty easy to stalk!)

Tabla’s Infamous Crab Cake

Blondie had one last dinner at Tabla before they close on December 30th, while Brownie was in Canada wondering why foreign McDonald’s are so much better than the ones here in the US.  Ultraclay was in Philly having tapas at Bar Ferdinand, and as you all know Chris was in Hawaii.

In the rest of the ML Universe… Andrea tried the new Downtown location of FIKA Espresso Bar, Jamie had some tacos from a cart near the campus of Temple in Philly, and I was all about this all you can eat Brazilian pizza rodizio in L.A.


  • The photo… sitting on a bed of garden clover … brilliant

    On closing night Danny Meyer himself will drop it into your mouth from a miniature sterling silver pooper scooper

  • What? Tabla’s closing? I’m surprised. We ate in the bread bar downstairs last year, all excited for a fusion meal, but I’d have to say, it was just overpriced and small portions. Just my opinion, but if you’re going to “upscale” ethnic food, you better make if fusion. Because you can get far superior Indian food in Curry Hill. Where it’s already kind of upscaled, but not at stupid prices. What is with me today? So many heated opinions…

  • I did eat upstairs too on an expense account lunch, so it didn’t sting at all. I liked it fine. But I do think if they’re going to call it a Bread Bar, they should have offered a perk — a mixed Indian bread basket, like they used to give at Biba in Boston. I mean, for God’s sake, give a bread basket! It’s a restaurant.

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