Bella Vista Now Offering $17 AYCE Brazilian Pizza For 2!

Los Angeles - Bella Vista

When Bella Vista, the Brazilian rodizio (that’s Brazil-talk for all you can eat!), opened in Culver City back in April my mood could only be described as tempered elation.  All you can eat pizza sounds good to me.  Pizza topped with salted beef or potato sticks and beef stroganoff sounds even better.  For a limited time the all you can eat pizza deal cost $9.99, just inside the ML price boundaries, but that didn’t last too long.  And after a short amount of time the regular price settled in at $12.99.

Well, this past weekend they listed a special deal on Yelp… $16.98 for two diners to partake in Bella Vista’s all you can eat pizza smorgasbord. Dine in (naturally) and only for lunch.  That works for me!

Los Angeles - Bella Vista

Rodizio is not actually a buffet.  It’s the style of eating popularized by many churrascarrias in which the food is circulated around the room by the waitstaff- in this case, on trays.  They’ve got a great outdoor courtyard in the middle of the building and according to our server, they do great business at night with large parties, but for lunch not so much (hence the deal.) The place was completely empty the day we went, which made me a bit nervous.  Would the selection be good for just two people?  Would they keep the pizzas coming?  The answer… yes and yes.

Los Angeles - Bella Vista

Not only do they cut the slices really small, they can turn one pie into four different kinds of pizza.  It took a while for the first pie to come out (I’m pretty sure they make everything fresh, and we were the only ones there) but once it started coming it was fast and furious.

Los Angeles - Bella Vista

For the first course we got to try (from left to right) the palmito (hearts of palm, mozzarella, green olives, oregano), the garlic pizza, the four cheese (mozzarella, catupiry, provolone, parmesan), and the margherita. Not surprisingly it’s not what one would consider the perfect pizza specimen, but it was cooked fresh and if you like thin crust pizza that’s floppy on the front but crunchy on the end you’ll like Bella Vista’s pizza just fine. What you’re really there for is the unique toppings, and for the second course they turned it up a bit.

Los Angeles - Bella Vista

From left to right: the calabreza (calabreza smoked sausage, mozzarella, onions), the portuguesa (ham, green peas, egg, black olives, fresh onion & mozzarella), the Carne Seca (dry beef, mozzarella, leeks, black olives), and the Baiana calabreza (smoked sausage, malagueta peppers, hearts of palm, mozzarella, onions, green olives). If you like hard boiled eggs, it’s tough not to like the portuguesa, and the dry beef on the carne seca was super salty, in a good way. And if you like your pizza spicy, the peppers on the baiana calabreza had a great kick. But they saved the craziest for last…

Los Angeles - Bella Vista

The Frango Com Catupiry, a cheesey chicken-ey thing with corn in it (Brazilian chicken pot pie filling?) and their infamous beef stroganoff pizza- which sadly, didn’t have the potato sticks on top! Not sure if it was just an oversight, or a permanent change, but even potato-stickless it was good (if you like the idea of having creamy beefy goop on top of your pizza.) Are we having fun yet? Because there’s more…

Los Angeles - Bella Vista

If they had stopped at this point it would have been well worth the $8.50 it costs for this all you can eat pizza feast. But the dessert pizza puts the whole thing over the top! Mozzarella and guava paste!? Mozzarella, banana and cinnamon? Chocolate and strawberries? This is the greatest place of all time.

The waiter seemed a bit unsure about the Yelp deal, but honored it once I showed it to him on my phone. So you might want to bring a print out or something… and lord knows how long they’re going to keep the deal going. Probably until the moment they come to their senses. $8.50 for the amount of food I put down is a recipe for economic disaster. And I don’t think it’s going to be the last time I take advantage before they end the deal…


  • All you can eat pizza for $8.50?  How can you beat that deal
  • Everything seems to be made fresh
  • The toppings are totally unique, but they have some normal pies too for those friends and c0-workers who aren’t as adventurous
  • Even when the place is empty the selection is great
  • Dessert pizza FTW!
  • Did I mention it’s all you can eat?

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I’ve had real Brazilian pizza, in Brazil, and this place isn’t nearly as good
  • You have to have a second person to take advantage of the Yelp deal
  • The regular price ($13) is a bit too much for a pizza lunch
  • Beef stroganoff on pizza? That sounds disgusting.

Bella Vista, 10826 Venice Blvd, 310-558-2374



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