Mini Pies Are Back at ‘Wichcraft

I know it’s now a chain, but I can’t help my love for the ‘wichcraft. I like a few of their soups, I like some of their sandwiches, and I crave their grilled gruyere. It’s definitely on my “go-to” lists especially when I’m in a rush since it’s the closest to my office. Everything Zach reported about ‘wichcraft two years ago still remains true, it’s all slightly overpriced, but it’s the comfort of knowing exactly what I’m getting that keeps it in my rotation. No matter… I was cold and in need of lunch, plus I knew that they had just made their autumn switch to thick pumpkin soup, so off I went. But they threw me for a loop when I saw that mini pies came back during my California vacation!

Inside Apple Pie

Mini pies are adorable, and if you don’t think so you should move to Canada. All of the ‘wichcraft pies are made from Greenmarket purveyors with the apples being Crispins (big, fat green ones) from Red Jacket Orchards.  They tip the pricey-for-pies scales at $4, but I’m okay with that because I don’t know of many mini pies available in Midtown. I could tell my pie was fresh, and I thoroughly enjoyed the crumble crust. They are going for the win with the filling, generous on the spices especially cinnamon, the sauce is sweet, and the apples bites are perfectly cooked with just a little bite still. The pies aren’t warmed beforehand, so I found it best to utilize the office microwave for true deliciousness. They also had a mini pecan pie available, and for anyone who’s in charge of bringing the Thanksgiving pie, you can order one from them with pick-up on the Tuesday or Wednesday before.

Wichcraft has Multiple Locations in Midtown

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