Red Mango Moving to New Ktown Food Court

Walking down 32nd street the other day, I caught this moving sign in front of the old Red Mango space. Typically, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it – I never got on board with the frogurt craze – but the new address was familiar. 11 West 32nd street is the site of the Koreatown Food Court we reported on back in the spring. The initial word was that they hoped to be open by September or October. That could be any day now, although word on the street is that they’ll probably open early next month.

With FoodParc and Eataly open within 10 blocks, the whole food court scene has changed dramatically from the spring. Still, I’m pretty excited about the potential for some underrepresented Asian food to finally come to the area. Back in the spring speculation was that we might get some “Korean Pizza”, and I’m still holding out hope for some Vietnamese sandwiches.  Plus NYC Cravings’ brick and mortar will be in there.  But with the Korilla truck and Baorrito seemingly covering our Korean Taco needs, what else are you all hoping to see in the new food court?


  • I’d like to see some freshly made bungeoppang. They’re the pastries that are shaped like fish, and filled with sweet red bean paste. In Korea, there’s a gazillion bungeoppang carts that sell em for cheap… like 4-5 for the equiv of $2.

  • i would love to see a lot of specialized restaurants. especially one serving Banh Cuon like in this picture (taken in cali)

    has those flat rice noodles filled with ground pork and mushroom, and then you get your cukes, lettuce, and choice of fix-ins like shrimp cracker, fish sausage, spring rolls, blah blah blah. and of course some nuoc cham. all for $7

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