NYC Cravings Truck To Go Brick & Mortar?

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Walking by the old Wilshire State Bank (on 32nd btw. 5+B’way) the other day, I found myself surrounded by a cloud of plaster and debris. The doors were open to the site of the upcoming Koreatown food court, so I peeked in for a moment to get a photo of the space. It looks like there’s a lot more work to be done demolishing the interior, but you can sort of see how the space is going to come together on the first floor, at least. It looks like most of vendors will be on the left, underneath the mezzanine. The stairs in the back look a little rickety, so there’s a chance they might do some crazy Kyochon-style stairway to get to the upper floors. I don’t know the first thing about construction or design, so I can’t really speculate beyond that.

The big news, though, is the rumors about who might be moving in.

We’ve heard from a reputable source that NYC Cravings, the Taiwanese fried chicken truck that parks in Midtown a few days a week, has signed a lease for one of the spots in the new K-Town food court.  But unlike Dessert Truck, who opened their brick and mortar store in the LES after their truck license expired, we’re being told that the Cravings truck will still continue to operate (similar to the Cupcake Stop Truck and the Calexico Cart, who both operate brick and mortar stores now in addition to their popular mobile units.)

We’re still at least 4-6 months away, but I for one will welcome Cravings with open arms.  There is clearly plenty of work to do, and the Koreatown food court is not expected to open until September or October.


  • Oh no.. our company just blocked flicker! We can only see the images that are not from there. This stinks, the food porn is the best part!

  • this plus a place with bourbon chicken would be WIN on all counts.

  • If there is a Kyochon like 2 min away, there is no way i am going to eat NYC cravings chicken.

  • I’d eat NYC Cravings if I wasn’t willing to travel to Chinatown and need a decent lunch in that area. Probably choose this over Kyochon if lines were shorter, but if both lines are packed, maybe Woorijip instead…

  • I hope the food at this new food court will be good, they should focus on that and not so much on million dollar modern hip decoration… Kyochon was beautiful, but the food sucked… i had almost cold wings, the workers seemed lost and the rest of the stuff we ordered on the side weren’t too impressive either…

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