Boki Cart Brings Korean Fried Chicken to the Street

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When I saw Luncher Dan L.’s report in the forums that a new cart had opened up on Fifth Avenue serving Korean Fried Chicken, dumplings and other Korean food, I knew I had to check it out.

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The cart is called Boki and it’s currently serving five dishes, each around $4-5. They’re passing out samples of spicy rice cakes and curry kimchi rice to passersby. The rice cake I tried was gummy but had a nice kick in that sauce. Not sure if I would try a whole order, but I did like the sample.

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For lunch, I ordered the pork dumplings and of course, the ‘Korean Fried Chicken.’

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The dumplings were a disappointment. The shells were tough and hard to bite into. Inside wasn’t much better. If there was any pork mixed in with the noodle slivers and mushy veggies, I certainly couldn’t tell.

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The chicken was better, but definitely not anything I would call Korean Fried Chicken. It reminded me more of the chicken served from deep fryer carts in Chinatown. The flavor was more five spice than garlic-soy, which isn’t a bad thing, just different.


The crunch was decent, but it’s not the sweet and spicy candy-coated shell you can get just upstairs at Mad For Chicken (soon to be Mono + Mono).

All of it would have been better if it had been served hot. Each item was lukewarm at best, all seemingly pre-made. I won’t pass any permanent judgment on Boki since they just set up shop, but there’s a lot of work to be done, starting with firing up a deep fryer and doing making that chicken to order.

Boki Cart, Fifth Avenue between 31st and 32nd Streets.


  • If you’re already at 5th and 32nd….just go get KFC at any numerous KFC place in K-Town.

  • Yea, that’s Korean fried chicken? They need to baste it in sauce. Otherwise, Popeyes over them.

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    I was there this past Friday. There was no dumpling or fried chicken. I did try their duk-boki. It was really spicy and yummy! I also tried their bulgogi, I have to say it was really tender and juicy!! So far I had a good experience here so far. Can’t wait until my next lunch to try out other food they carry. Looking forward to it!! =)

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