At Lunch Now: I Just Robbed Tri Tip Grill

I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing us harp about Tri-Tip Grill, but I simply had to shamelessly brag about show you guys what happens when you combine one of those Groupon-like daily deals with the Tuesday Tri-Tip feast. For a paltry $15, we just picked up $30 worth of food, split amongst 4 people ($3.75 per head), and came out with more food than any of us could finish. This included the whole Tri-Tip, an XL mashed potato, a large order of their onion straws, a side of roasted veggies, and a small order of french fries. Even at full price ($8 each) it wouldn’t have been a terrible deal.  For $4, it’s a straight up crime.   (And if for some reason you missed the two Tri Tip coupons we posted last week, you have nobody to blame but yourself!)

Tri Tip Grill’s Tuesday Special is a Feast For 3


  • Whaaaaat? So Chris you just scored this? Damn I wish I worked in your office. Expert planning and execution! I tip my hat to you.

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    BRAVO!! Great bargain hunting/eating!

  • I’m calling the FBI over your behavior Chris. Stealing is wrong :P

  • No surprise here. Chris must work in finance = crook. Ha.

    Good job, K-Barney. You make the other food-mongers proud.

  • Tri tip has been known for those deals. As of right now every Tuesday the deal stands. At $19.99 for the whole tri tip…four people can eat. Factor in the coupon and its an even better deal. ALSO…if you happen to know someone who works in any building in Rockefeller Center..Rock Center has a rewards card that will net you an additional 10% off any meal at Tri Tip! Those cards are releatively easy to come by.

  • ummmm..roadkill? haha, j/k.

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    Plus you can join their Diner rewards thing!!!!

    Just ask them about it… Every 100 dollars you spend they will give you a 10 dollar coupon!!! But you got to sign up with the cashiers.

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    Wow, looks like I missed out big time on said deal. However, I did sign up for the rewards program thing and should be getting my free 10 dollars sometime in the next week. mmmmmmmm, it might be time for me to try that tri tip burrito

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    I didn’t get that many roasted veggies in my order today. But I was still stuffed after eating the tri-tip burrito.

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    I really want to like this place, but the tri-tip is too much of a salt bomb.

  • @ Mamacita – Thanks! I also managed to ‘convert’ two of my co-workers who were Tri-Tip newbies. We’ve setup a weekly Tri-Tip Tuesday lunch club. :)
    /no stalkers plz

    @ StreetMeasOnsumer3008 – The correct term is ‘highly leveraged’. If anyone’s a crook, it would be the rating agencies.

    @ hungeryme – Thanks for the heads up on the diner rewards program. I’ll definitely sign up next time I go.

    @ BigAppleScowl – I agree. They can be hit or miss on the saltiness. Today, the whole trip tip was the perfect level of saltiness, while my burrito last week was really salty. The jus can also be a bit salty as well, so i’ve stuck to just using the horseradish sauce.

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