Schnipper’s Now Serving LaFrieda Beef

The now shuttered City Burger taught us that using Pat LaFrieda beef (the same meat purveyor famously used by the Shake Shack and HB Burger, as well as the Minetta Tavern) doesn’t guarantee you a good burger. But it certainly doesn’t hurt either… especially if you are serving burgers right across the street from the brand new Times Square Shake Shack. According to @dmanburger Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen (on 41st and 8th) is now making their burgers from LaFrieda meat (according to Serious Eats they used Master Purveyors when they first opened .) Owner Andrew Schnipper confirmed to us that they quietly made the switch a “few months ago” to a custom LaFrieda blend made just for them. Clearly it looks like a Schnipper’s burger redux is in order…

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  • Funny. I’ve been there twice in the past month (both since Shake Shack opened) and thought it was a darn good burger and even better that I didn’t have to wait on the Shake Shack lines. The Schnipper’s Classic is great and the sweet potato fries are some of the best around.

  • You can actually get into Schippers. Now they just need to rename concretes and start selling them.

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    I agree; I’ve been hitting up the new ‘Shack but a recent order (delivered burger beats lining up IMO) from Schnippers was surprisingly good. Granted it is much more expensive, but the Classic I got was excellent, 100% more gourmet than the fast food-ish Shack Burger.

  • I had a Schnipper’s burger about a month ago and it was FANTASTIC.

  • Had it during the free milkshake promotion some months back – not great but solid. Will give it another shot to see if the LaFrieda improves it.

    BTW, Zach, it’s 41st and 8th not 6th.


  • Ok…. in the interests of research I just had the “classic” burger at Schnippers & it was off the hook good, very flavorful & juicy. My point of comparison is the burger at Shake Shack last week one evening when the line only reached to the door: 7-8 minutes on line, 15 minutes wait for food & then try to find a empty spot. Schnippers, in late afternoon, was relatively empty & they bring the food to you.

    The Shack Shack burger was actually bad: dry & overcooked, not comparable to what I had at their park venue, I chalk it up to the non-stop line they’ve had in midtown effecting QC. Both places had good shakes. No question I go back to Schnippers again. Thanks for the heads up on this ML.

  • Right across the street? SS is on 44th.

    If Schnipper’s wants to draw the crowd, I say HOT sexy waitresses. :P

    Well, anything, including better food to sway the Port Authority/ Times Square crowd to head to them then to 44th but I think SS is WIN!

  • So its Heartland Brewery, Schnippers, and Shake Shack on that street competing for burger love. May the best man win.

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    For the quality of the ingredients, Schnipper’s is perfectly reasonable. Unlimited refills of soft drinks is great. Just wish they had caffeine free Diet Coke and refills on coffee.

    Was with a friend who ordered a Black & White milkshake. I do not even like milkshakes much but loved this one. Great ingredients.

    Now that they serve burgers medium rare, they are equal to the best in the fast food category (try that at Five Guys).

    As to French Fries, Shake Shack does not even rate–FROZEN!. Come on. These were fresh here and really nicely fried (and I rarely order fries, except as a special treat and these were).

    No line and I could eat at a table outside (and they brought me my food without tipping).

    Definitely a winner.

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    I laugh at the crowds waiting in line at Shake Shack as I head south to Schnipper’s. If you get it with arugula instead of regular lettuce, the texture is even better. I only wish it were a little smaller so I could eat it more frequently! (No, I am not capable of throwing out part of a delicious cheeseburger. Sue me.)

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