Softee Truck Driver Fight Caught on Video!

The turf wars between ice cream truck drivers in Midtown is legendary, and we’ve stumbled upon the aftermath of more than one “encounter”. But this could be the first time a brawl between a Mister Softee vendor and a rival ice cream truck vendor has been caught on video.  Mister Softee CEO Jim Conway is pretty good about pointing out when bad generic ice cream trucks are mis-identified as official Mister Softee vendors… but it looks like he’s going to have a tough time denying this one (the instigator was clearly identified as a Mister Softee truck.)  Super curious to see what they do to the vendor in the video (if anything).  Check out the video for yourself>>

Cops Cracking Down on Softee Trucks After “Altercation”
Rule #1 of Vendor Fight Club is You Don’t Talk About Vendor Fight Club


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