Steak Truck Gets New Look & New Menu

New Color

Word came over the Twitter this week that the Steak Truck (on 47th + Park) was hitting the streets with a new look and a new menu. Ever since its performance in Street Meat Palooza 2 the Steak Truck has been on my radar, but despite being a block away from my office I haven’t really hit it up that often.  Then I saw that tweet promising porterhouse steak and waffle fries, and…well… that’s a horse of a different color. (And apparently that color is neon green.)

Check out the menu, and my two sandwiches, after the jump.

New Menu

Gone are all those photos that used to cover the truck.  In their place? A pared down menu featuring 6 different steak sandwiches, burgers, and street meat.

Steak Truck Sandwich

On my first visit this week, I got the Steak Truck Sandwich with BBQ sauce (an homage to Tri Tip, but without onions.) For steak from a truck, it’s pretty decent.  The sandwich had nice chunks of steak with a generic BBQ sauce. It was cooked a bit too much for my taste, and it’s far from being a Tri Tip replacement, but it’s generally good.

Portabella Steak Sandwich

I was also curious about the new to the menu Portabella Steak Sandwich (sorry! My tummy wasn’t up for the spice of the habanero steak sandwich.)  Unlike the “Steak Truck Sandwich”, which had chunks of meat, the portabella sandwich uses the same thinly sliced beef as the philly cheesesteak. You can get this with cheese, I got mine with a Kraft slice. It  still tastes like steak that’s coming off of a halal truck, but with a side note of mushroom.

What may peak the most interest though is their $10 T-Bone steak with portabella mushrooms over rice, fries, or salad. If anyone’s tried it, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

The Steak Truck, NE Corner of 47th & Park


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