El Rey del Sabor’s Chalupas Are Now $7

Even though the El Rey del Sabor carts came out with their three chalupa special late last fall, I completely forgot about them. The location closest to my work (on 49th and Park Avenue) didn’t have any signs up for it and it wasn’t on their regular menu. Well, there’s a pretty legit looking sign up now, and even though the price has gone up a buck I had to try them.

For $7 you get three chalupas with rice and beans, and they are pretty decent. Seeing as I’m a big fan of their spicy pork, that’s what I went with. Between the chunks of pork and the mystery pink spicy sauce, my mouth was on fire for quite a while even with the cheese and sour cream. They serve you pinto beans on the side, atop their nondescript rice- which by the end of my lunch, I had started putting into the chalupas for a mini-burrito effect. It was quite the deliciousness!

El Rey Del Sabor is Still Midtown’s Best Mexican Food From a Cart


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