El Rey Del Sabor Now Serving Chalupas


It’s good to see that the El Rey del Sabor Mexican carts aren’t content to just rest on their laurels. We all know their huaraches are boss, their mole is tight, and their lengua tacos are tongue-tastic. But they’re always coming up with new specials, and  “The Hungry Commuter” checks in to let us know about the latest:

El Rey de Sabor is serving chalupas!!! I had lunch yesterday at El Rey de Sabor on 43rd and 6th and while I was prepared to get my standard 3 salt beef tacos, I noticed a sign that said they had a chalupa platter special for $6. It includes 3 chalupas with your choice of meat (I got the spicy pork) and rice and beans on the side. Score! Chalupas were on point! They use the same corn tortillas they use for tacos, but these are fried and stuffed with the meat, sour cream, salsa verde and queso fresco. Had to send a pic, too.


Available now at all three locations.

  • NE Corner of 43rd and 6th
  • NW Corner of 49th and 3rd
  • SW Corner of 60th and 3rd


  • yumm..salt beef tacos sound delicious whatever they are. Since I am not a big fan of mexican food, I didn’t try this place until very recently. I got the tongue tacos…which would have been pretty good if it wasn’t for the soggy tacos.

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    just had the Chalupas. Got mine with Chicken. Was delicious with the right amount of kick from the red sauce. However, my one complaint is that by the time I got to my second taco, all the juices made the taco literally just break down in my hand.. and I ended up wearing half of it… besides that… great taste, could do w/o the rice and beans… ended up throwing most of that away.. but in any case.. worth a try

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    Does anyone happen to know the hours or seen them still open in the evenings, particularly the 43rd & 6th location?

  • I went to 49th St. one for chalupas. $7 total – damn midtown east premium? I think I have jump on their 60/3 location from now on. I might not go back to the 49th location again with their higher price and always leaves me feeling like I missed out by not going to the original 60/3 location. Sigh.

    I ordered mine with spicy pork too. They came out okay but biggest complaint is it wasn’t really a chalupa!! The dude likely rushed them and there wasn’t even a line behind me (1 guy behind me ordering tacos and nobody else) to warrant it today. It wasn’t fried long enough to crispen so it’s more like 3 soggy soft-shell spicy pork tacos. Plus it wasn’t really too flavorful aside from the spicy pork. I’m 2 blocks away so there’s no way they can go soggy so soon. Rice and beans was nothing special but partially make up for the fact that it’s $7.

    Just say no to the 49th location then…Now I wish I went to XPL instead… HAHA.

  • Streetmeas they raised the price to $7 at there spot on 43rd also.

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