At Lunch Now: Cameras at Biryani Cart; Shake Shack Pandemonium

Blondie is hanging at the Biryani Cart right now (on 46th and 6th), which is being filmed by Food Network Canada for a upcoming series on food carts. (And at Noon they were looking for people to eat on camera!)  Lunchtime is usually a little hectic at the Biriyani Cart, but it’s child’s play compared to what’s going on at the new Shake Shack over on 8th Ave. right now…

Photo courtesy of andrewgjones

We probably should have warned everybody…  burger places in Midtown get more and more crowded as the week goes on.   Holy mackerel.

At Lunch Now: The Not Unexpected Madness of Shake Shack’s Opening Lunch
Shake Shack Soft Opens Over the Weekend


  • Do people have jobs?? Everyone on that line should be fired.

    • Those are just summer interns/gophers sent by their overloads on a mission to buy lunch for everybody in the group.

  • Is that Champ Kind in line for Biryani Cart?


  • I hope Schnippers is taking advantage and handing out coupons or fliers to the people in that line….but really…..Its not THAT good people….its really not.

  • over-rated (clap clap clap clap clap) over-rated

  • Danny Meyer is a fukin genius.

  • Best hype restauranteur in the City! Smart guy–only avg to below avg. food, though I’ve not been to Union Sq. Cafe or Eleven Madison Park….

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    I don’t understand the picture. I’m guessing the people on the right are waiting in line? As for the people on the left, are they waiting in the same snaking line or just trying to walk down the hella crowded sidewalk or trying to find the end of the line or what? Someone needs to draw the queue onto a map or something. Or provide firsthand reports of wait times.

    Another question: Who is more likely to wait in an absurdly long line for hamburgers? Clueless tourists or supposed “sophisticated” New Yorkers?

  • Now that could be considered dedication to your hunger or your stupidity

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    How long do these people have for lunch? I wish I could take 2 hour lunches…

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    People should just come on the weekends to avoid the line then. I don’t believe in waiting in line for food that I’m paying for. No matter how good it is. Time could be spent more productive elsewhere.

  • Double Rainbow > Double Shackburger > Double Line

  • Question for all the people who think SS is overrated and hyped up. What’s your favorite burger in midtown?

    I’ll never be able to wait on that lunch line, so I could use some alternates besides Burger Joint and 5 Guys.

    Keep it in the under 10 bucks Midtown Lunch rule, please.


  • it’s a fucking burger….i’d slap everyone in that line.

  • It’s the line to pre order your food and pick it up next month.

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    The line on the right is for the “Burgers, fries and shakes.”

    The line on the left is for the “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

    People want to wait in line, let them. Why all the hate for wait-ers? I remember people laughing at me waiting in the Soup Nazi line. I’d do it again tomorrow, if I could.

    Hating on line waiters is right up there in idiocy with hating on slow moving tourists in Times Square. Says more about the narcissistic hate-rs than than hate-ees, in my book.

    This kind of shared public disapproval ALWAYS comes with an implied “I’m better/smarter/cooler” and it’s really just more of pathetic, loudly proclaimed, self-administered ego stroke.

    Let em wait. I’ll get one of those potato-roll encased lovelies some rainy afternoon when no one is around. I’m also guessing that early evening during the Broadway shows might be a good time. We’ll see. I hope they have a shack-cam for this location.

  • 5:20ish today line was normal looking. Maybe 15 deep. Mind you the seats were pretty full though.

  • i left my office at 11:30am yesterday hoping to beat the line, after i saw it already had 40ppl i walked over to 9th for some Lazzara’s, on my way back at 12:05, there were atleast 65people online and 20people waiting for food, i dont think its worth more then a 15min wait, especially when you can go to a diff location afterwork, say UWS and be in and out in 15min.
    As for other burgers, I’ve had HB Burger for a company lunch a few weeks ago, have to say for under $10 their standard cheeseburger is on par with a shackburger.

  • thats insane!

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