Lunch’er Peter Reports: Eddie’s Pizza Truck Turns a Bad Situation Into a Big Win

Last month Blondie gave you a good look at the food from Eddie’s Pizza Truck, but last week Lunch’er Peter checked in to tell us why the food isn’t what makes this truck great…

Similar to the experience of Lunch’er John at Tri Tip Grill recently, I wanted to pass along a positive experience I had at Eddie’s Pizza Truck today.  I called in an order at 12:20pm and was told to come pick it up at 12:45. After arriving a few minutes early to pay and make sure I got my pie hot & right out of the oven, I noticed the guy that takes the pies out struggling with retrieving a pizza from the oven. Sure enough it was my pie that had stuck to the bottom of the oven. After a few minutes of struggling he managed to get it out, slice it and get in a box, but not in great shape.

They were clearly unhappy with the result and told me they didn’t want to give me a pizza that was below their standards and offered to make me another one (while letting me have the messed up pie in the mean time). Not wanting to wait another 25 minutes, I asked how long it would take and they said they would give me another one that was already in the oven and it would be about 6 minutes. I decided to wait. While waiting they handed my a coupon for a free Bar Pie on my next visit. So less than 10 minutes later I walked away with 2 pizzas and a coupon for third.

They clearly took what could have been a bad situation and made it a very positive experience. As for the pizza, it was pretty good.  I agree with most the reviews on ML so far. But because they “did right” by me, I’ll certainly be back. -Peter

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  • you took the pizza that was scraped off the bottom of the oven? eww.

  • They did right by me too—they just gave me and my friend a free meatball pie while we waited–for no reason except they are cool. We walked away with a pie and a half each! The pizza is good and the toppings are really good. Is it the best pizza I ever had? No. Would I go back? Yep–definitely!

  • looks like some people finally get the whole concept of ‘lifetime value of a customer.’ giving away $10 worth of food is not even remotely equivalent to the amount of money you could get from someone who will continue to patronize you for years forth.

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