New Five Guys Has Day 2 Growing Pains?

Yesterday, a new Five Guys opened on 48th btw. 5+6th and despite it being a mobscene the reports were pretty positive service wise. Today, not so much. From Lunch’er “Masto”: I’ve never seen a place go downhill so fast. Because I wasn’t very hungry yesterday and only had a hot dog, I decided to go back for the proper burger and fries today. The lines were ridiculous and they somehow managed to lose my order in the assembly line. While I waited and waited and then waited for them to re-make it, it seemed like half the people there were in the same boat. They kept grabbing the customers’ receipts to go back and start over. Occasionally they even screwed that up and had to try a third time. I guess everybody who went yesterday told their coworkers and they just pushed it over a critical limit of competence today. Or everyone just quit. It’s stressful enough to stand in the midst of that chaos and screaming while waiting for food, I can’t imagine what it’s like to work there.” Give it time. I’m sure they’ll settle in to a fairly standard 15 minute wait time.


  • I blame the people that have a lemming like need to go to these places when they open. It’s like an Iphone pre order. They invariably turn to cluster f’s and people seem shocked. The normal lunch rush is challenging enough in midtown, let alone the added hype of a grand opening. Wait until the midtown shake shack opens. That should be like Popeyes coupon vs Ipads.

  • HEY, COME ON, give ‘em (Five Guys) a frickin’ break.

    After all, they have to hire New Yawk City people to work in the place.

    And training New Yawk City people even to flip burgers is NOT an easy task, after all.

    If the employees already knew how to flip burgers, for GAWD’s sake, they would move on to a cubicle on Wall Street, and flip frickin’ commodities.

    OR, they move into a cubicle and call themselves a “software developer” LOL!

    What the hell do you EXPECT out of this wonderful Maryland-based institution after all? Frickin’ overnight MIRACLES?

    Carrion, please.

  • It’s so great how you guys chase each other all over the Internet ruining every site you find with your off-topic squabbling. Midtown Lunch would be so much worse off without every single post being followed up by the same predictable bullshit.

    • “you guys”? I thought they were all personalities invented by the same psychopath.

      • Well, you are WRONG, adamprato, and if Zach (who has access to the IP addresses of the ‘commenters’ and who could very easily control such ‘commenters’ if he should so desire), then there would be no ‘KeepItRealDoc’ or ‘Fred’.

        But, maybe Zach has his own reasons for operating HIS website as he sees fit.

        And is Zach should make the decision to kick me, DocChuck, off his website (which ‘Fred’ and ‘KeepItRealDoc’ have ALREADY admitted that is their goal in posting here), then I will just go back to posting here:

        BUT, it is Zachs’ blog, his decisions are his own, as they should be, and I just go about my daily business of exposing New Yawk City ‘loudmouths’ for what they are, including you AdamPrato.

        Carrion, please.

    • I have noticed that the posts seem to vanish after a few hours. I think a ban is just around the corner.

  • I too have grown tired of this.

    Starting today, anybody who has a back and forth with another commenter that is unrelated to the post and/or spans across multiple posts on the site, will be subjected to automatic moderation. (i.e. all of your comments will be moderated before going up on the site.)

    In other words, I’m sick of seeing the thread that is above. Everyone is entitled to post their opinion about the food we write about, or even about New York City in general. What I’m sick of is the back and forth that follows it.

    Nobody is getting banned… and I believe in keeping these forums open. (Plus I don’t have the $$ to moderate the entire site all the time.) But those of you who have engaged in this back and forth- consider this a warning. Any more of it, and you will go on a “moderate first” list. Keep comments on topic, or your account will be moderated.

  • I’m all for what you’re saying, Zach. I always have been. But for one particular person to use the blog to spew venom toward the week’s Lunch’er and others invokes a response and an exposure for the person’s true nature and agenda. It’s just sad that someone who has been banned from EVERY other food blog site thinks to use this one to spread racism and bigotry and constantly seek to rile others.

  • Wow, too bad about the chaos at 5Gs. I like their food but really not worth any insane wait or mishaps. Def something to think about when they open a SS – maybe two hour waits for a burger??? HAHAHA.

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    It took 25 minutes in and out. Some people were waiting for the orders which were clearly on the counter getting cold. Meanwhile, they were giving out the orders that were just made.

    I will probably stick with Good Burger over Five Guys.

  • I’m perfectly happy to give them another try… in a month or two. After eating there two days in a row I’ve got a real hankering for salad.

  • I wonder… I went the first day and they {management} obviously had experts (team leaders? who knows the term…) in the pit with the employees… and they were the ones cooking/making eye contact/getting the orders donre. It could be that we are now “flying” without those experienced workers.

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